Telerad Radio India (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Subhabrata Dutta @, India, 29.11.2017, 05:49 (17 dagen geleden) @ Maarten Bakker
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This is the internal photo of the set.
The valve Line up are as follows : EM84 -ECH81 -EF89- EBC81 -EL84- EZ80.

One thing is new which was added later but failed some technician tried to replace normal antenna coil with ferrite rod so the Ferrite rod holder was not there in the original set.and not it is useless. So ignore that part.

It may look like Philips but the internal circuit is different from Philips radios. Actually I need the original schematic so that I can restore it as original one. All parts are fine but internal circuits are a bit hazardous. IFT's are ok All valves are fine. Transformer mains output all are working but bass trebles are not as internal circuit is been tortured by some technicians long back ago may be. Its a set of my father inherited by me.

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